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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 19, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello, welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. the affects of a widespread computer glitch that caused flight delays in our region has now been fixed.
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flights out of reagan national and dulles airports were running as much as 45 minutes behind schedule. aviation officials say the delays were caused by a computer system in atlanta that failed. it collects airlines ' flight plans. one woman felt nervous waiting for her mother flying in from peru. her flight was held up in miami. >> this is the first time she has come by herself so hopefully, like i said, hopefully she will be fine. >> reporter: there's no word on how long the flight delays will last. travelers should contact their airlines before leaving for the airport in order to make sure that their flights are running on time. well, senators are one step closer to beginning debate on their version of the health care reform plan. democrats say that it cuts the deficit while covering millions of americans.
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joel brown reports from captiol hill that republicans are not on board. >> reporter: senators are gearing up for a showdown over health care reform. democrats insist their ten- year, $849 billion bill will cover 94% of americans, and cut billions from the federal deficit. >> not only do we make it more affordable for every american, we also certainly do it in a fiscally responsible way. >> reporter: but republicans label the measure as another trillion dollar experiment that will cause more problems than it fixes. >> the american people have soundly rejected this and i told you several months ago how popular it was. >> there is one more hurdle before the full senate can work on the bill. 60 senators have to vote for debate to start. right now they are a few votes shy of meeting that mark. as it stands now the plan will launch two new programs in 2014. first a network of non-profit
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insurance cooperatives that would provide coverage to individuals and small businesses looking for more affordable plans. and second, the controversial public option, a government-run insurance plan for americans who have no coverage. but in the senate plan states can opt out of that public option. the plan pays for the changes with new taxes. one on the high end, so-called cadillac insurance plans and americans earning more than $200,000 a year would see a bump in the taxes they pay for medicare. if the democrats pull together enough support to start work on the bill they are in for a long haul. debate in the senate could last weeks, if not longer. joel brown, cbs news, washington. hov cheaters, you are being warned. police along interstate 95 and 395 in virginia are crackingdown. this morning police were looking for drivers violating high occupancy vehicle laws through arlington county and also gave tickets to commuters
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illegally parked waiting for hov restrictions to expire. fines were as much as $1,000. the virginia department of transportation is facing $84 million in additional budget cuts. the money will come from doing less paving, keeping older equipment and focusing on bigger projects instead of smaller ones. one good piece of news, no more layoffs are expected the budget ax is a already falling in maryland. a state panel approved $361 million in cuts yesterday. 112 jobs will be cut. half are filled right now. the state will reduce medicaid payments and it cuts $7 million in funding for private colleges and universities. deadly bombings rock pakistan and afghanistan as the afghan president took power for a second term. our secretary of state hillary clinton is in the region
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pledging america's support to bring stable to that country. charlie d'agata has more now from london. >> reporter: pakistani police cordoned off the chaotic crime seen where a suicide boller killed -- bomber killed at least 19 people. dozens of people are badly wounded in the city's hospitals are struggling to cope with the injuries. this is the latest attack in a wave of terrorist violence that killed more than 300 people in the last six weeks. it's seen as retaliation for the army's crack down against taliban and al-qaeda fighters along the border with afghanistan ♪ [ music ] the violence came as afghan president happened karzai was sworn in to office for a second time. he pledged his country would control its own security within five years. secretary of state hillary clinton is in kabul urging karzai to get rid of the
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corruption that has riddled his government and cast a cloud over his re-election. she challenged him to make good on his promise to take back control of his country. >> take the lead and to take the fight to the enemy is what he said he wanted to see happen. >> reporter: clinton also rallied american troops who are fighting that enemy in afghanistan saying they are on a mission that matters. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> secretary of defense robert gates attended a funeral yesterday for a soldier killed in the ft. hood rampage. army specialist fred green was laid to rest in tennessee. and today, secretary gates is expected to announce plans for a review of the shooting that left 1 # -- 13 people dead. officials will look to see if any warning signs were miss and what changes can be made to prevent tragedy in the future. still to come when 9 news now returns, if you have not gone gotten your h1n1 flu vaccine, we'll show you where people are lining up to get
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theirs. i'm manuel gallegus in los angeles. you probably eat this at the movies but probably don't eat these burgers at the movies. we'll explain why they are the same coming up.
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9 news now continues with a flu alert. there are two clinics in the district tonight. one at the kennedy rec center in northwest washington and the
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other at the hillcrest rec center in southeast washington. the hours are from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. some experts are trying to reassure women after the outcry over new mammogram recommendations. doctors are emphasizing that the federal task force is not referring to women with a family history of breast cancer or other increased risk factors. while the federal panels the screenings can start at age 50 and they can be done every other year. well, the american cancer society is sticking to its position that mammograms should start at age 40. the country's top health official says the new recommendations will not determine what services are covered by the federal government. >> medicare will continue to pay for mammograms. medicaid will continue to pay for mammograms and frankly i
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would be stunned if private insurers change any coverage decisions. >> reporter: if. >> if we women don't go at all we end up with a bigger problem and they end up with breast cancer that isn't curable possibly when it is found. >> reporter: a group of female republicans on captiol hill, including some breast cancer survivors, is rejecting the report. they say they will stick with the american cancer society's guidelines. coming up next, the forecast from howard. put the umbrella down for a moment. we have some drizzle but it is fairly light. look at radar. especially west of town it is not light. some thunderstorms to the south and west. i will zoom in and get the weekend forecast for you when 9 news now at noon returns. ( clicking )
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( laughs, click ) when you hear a click, ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure with hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) popcorn is often thought of as a healthy snack. but they say it is not the case when you get it from a movie theater and they are releasing specifics about the saturated fat in movie popcorn. our digital correspondent manuel gallegus digs in. >> reporter: popcorn and the movies go hand in hand. >> i enjoy eating popcorn.
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it makes me giggle when i see a flick. >> reporter: when faced with candy or hot dogs it still seems the most nutritious. >> it is the healthiest choice even with the butter. >> reporter: but a new study shows the popcorn served at most movie theater across the country is loaded with sap ratted -- saturated fat and oil. the study shows this medium bag of popcorn and a soda can have the same calories and fat as three mcdonald's quarter pounders and a stick and a half of butter. that is 161 a calories and 60- grams of saturated fat. the study focused on regal and amc that pop in coconut oil and they found a large popcorn in coconut oil with a buttery topping has 1200-calories and 60-grams of fat.
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popcorn with canola oil is lower in fat but still packs calories. and that butter flavoring adds 130-calories by the spoonful. some independent theaters like the vista uses real butter which costs more but it is a hit with the moviegoers. >> when i go to the movie health has nothing to do with it. >> the healthiest snack at the movies now seems to be no snack at all. >> we are one week away from the thanksgiving travel rush and aaa says more of us will travel this holiday. it predicts 38.4 million americans will travel 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. 86% of us will drive up 1.4% from last year. the number of people taking the bus or train will be up more than 1%. while the number of people flying will actually drop more than 6%. aaa blames the rise in costs of
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flying. well, today a highly- publicized exhibit is opening at the national geographic museum in northwest washington. the terra cotta warriors have been unpacked and set up and they are now ready to greet visitors. the display is a detailed look at the huge complex of china's first emperor. another exhibit opens today at the air and space museum on the wall. moving beyond earth includes a big exhibit on the hubble telescope and it will feature interactive displays. and then tomorrow the newseum opens an exhibit on the late tim russert. it moved his office inside the museum and it includes his book favorite, family photos and plenty of stuff on the buffalo bills, his favorite team. a lot for you to do this weekend. >> today would have been a great day to see a museum or a
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movie. don't eat the popcorn apparently. >> my goodness. >> the good news is we will get rid of it late tonight and tomorrow. i think things will improve quickly. saturday looks good an we will do it again on late sunday. start with this forecast first. today the worse of the next three. we have rain and drizzle. we have fog leftover and some thunderstorms. highs pushing the 60-degree mark. now tomorrow sun comes out. we get to the lower 60s and upper 50s for a fine looking start to the weekend. this afternoon calling for rainy periods. some thunder. highs near 60 with a southeast wind at ten miles an hour. sunset 4:52. a few showers tonight with isolated thunder. lows in the 40s and 50s. southeast winds five to ten and then tomorrow, mostly sunny. i think this will happen early in the day. breezy with highs of 60 and the lower 60s and a northwest wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. here's the satellite and radar. going back 12 hours.
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a look at the moisture streaming in from the carolinas and virginia and to the north most of it has been west of washington. go to doppler hd and show you what is happening right now. you can see the yellows and oranges. in and around the metro we have had some very light showers which have been rolling through the district. we have gotten one here near braddock road on the beltway there and little river turnpike. that is moving to the north. here we go. prince georges county in to brandy wine. in clinton you will see this in a while but this is out of charles county and up north in olney and montgomery county a lighter shower but the heavy stuff is south and west. we have had lightning and thunder out of these. heavy downpours west of fredericksburg and down 95, south of thornburg and this is moving to the north. north of goldvein and parts of faulkier county seeing heavy activity with lightning and thunder, as well. here we go. more of that as we go north out
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of culpeper. here's flint hill. to the east a heavy cell in to bentonville. and winchester a little lightning earlier. it is fairly quiet at the moment. moving toward the north, you will likely see thunder before the afternoon is out. go to the weather computer with all of the rain we have had. in charlottesville they have a flood warning. they have had an inch and a half of rain. flood watch south of town, quantico, spotsylvania, fredericksburg. culpeper and orange. you are looking at a flood watch until 7 tonight because some of the rain down there has been on the heavy side and the fog, we mentioned a moment ago. a half mile at andrews. quarter mile at baltimore. a mile and a quarter at the air park in montgomery county but if you go far enough south and southeast we get better visibility. temperatures in the upper a 0s. low 60s. cambridge and salisbury upper 60s to around 70.
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i don't think we will see it in the metro because our winds are northeast at five. we would have to have a twist of southerly winds. there's the system spinning. the front will come through not today but late tonight. this afternoon still the showers, possible thunder. by tomorrow morning the front is east of us and winds are northwesterly and we are clearing out. watch out for the next little while and the seven-day forecast, we have a bunch of showers in the forecast and then by tomorrow it looks good. saturday looks good. sunday not looking as good and then we will see some showers in to monday, as well. it is thursday, pet line nine. kelly is with us from the washington humane society and this pretty black doggy is tuna. hi, tuna. >> tuna is actually a female. >> female. >> i kept saying he and she didn't correct me until we are
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on the air. thanks, kelly. >> she is ten months old and she ran away from home and they never came back to get her. she is a very good dog. rottweiler mix. probably not going to get bigger than this. and very well behaved. >> takes food so gently. doesn't always eat it but takes it gently. >> reporter: you are talking about the black dog syndrome. >> it happens with cats too. >> superstition. >> because you can't see their eyes as clearly and the shelter is a little dark inside so i think that is for some reason influences people. >> this is a sweet dog and i hope you can get over the fact she is a black dog, she's a sweet gentle dog. wow, nice one. >> how can people contact you if they are interested in tuna. >> give us a call.
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there's a bunch of different numbers or go to our website. >> the website and the links to the phone numbers are on our website at go to the pet section. tuna, you have been in the shelter too long. we have to do something about that. stick around. more 9 news now at noon. coming up right after this. there's a big reason to lower high cholesterol... dangerous plaque that can build up in arteries. it's called atherosclerosis--or athero. and high cholesterol is a major factor. but crestor can help slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. go to and take an interactive tour to learn how plaque builds up. and then ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol and raise good. crestor is proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries.
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and comprehensive plan, whether you're new to medicare part d... or you've been covered for a while. so stop in and stay well. cheese! walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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we'd like to give you ideas for the weekend. we have told you about the museums that have great productions but now we want to tell you about the signature theater in arlington. they have a new version of ""show boat" and my friend, michael tuscan know was there
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for opening night at the signature theater in arlington. of course we know about the great music that comes out of "show boat," but what makes this particular production different? >> one of the reasons you don't see it often in a professional theater is it normally takes 50 to 60 actors and a full orchestra and this was the first classic american musical written and there are issues with how african-americans are portrayed. they remade it for the 21st century. a slightly smaller version, trying to focus on the characters. >> i have to ask you, when you talk about how african- americans are portrayed the "n" word. >> it's the first word in the show. >> it makes its appearance. it is in longer the first word because it was the first word of the song "old man river ." >> and we all know old man
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river. >> but that is not the problem with the show but the problem is they have cut so much back on the ambience of the mississippi river and this is a story about show folk going up and down the river doing shows and their lives and their loves and there are servants as you can see there. the problem is by stripping away the ambience of the river there is no boat to be seen. the set looks like the inside of the barn. >> that's what i remember from show boat is the big boat. >> and by condensing the running time and taking a little from this show and that version the characters are lost. they are now kind of one dimensional and the themes don't flow. a series of scenes one after the other opposed to the story. major plot point don't take place on stage so it is confusing to follow the plot and understand why characters do what they do. but eric shafer is a genius. it is signature theater so you know you will get good performances. technically it will be superb and it is that.
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the time moves quickly. some great songs. can't help lovin' that man but it is not a production worthy of this great show. >> it lasts until january 17th. signature theater in arlington. we're talking an show boat. so, think about it. think about it. thanks for joining us. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day.
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